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Notes To Friends Mission:

There is a nostalgia associated with receiving a good ol' fashioned letter in the mail; not a bill, not a solicitation, but a bonafide piece of communication from a family member, friend, client or colleague. The excitement is undeniable, so why do we avoid sending letters in the mail now days? The answer is simple; simplicity. In a world connected by the internet we are constantly inundated with Facebook, Twitter, Google and electronic mail messages which dehumanize the way we interact with one another. Don't get us wrong, the internet and social media has allowed us to connect with others at the touch of a button and make us machines of efficiency. The web has created a platform of communication that revolutionized the way we learn, write and ultimately live. But it just feels so good to reveive, open up, and read a personalized message from someone you truly care about. 

Our mission at Notes To Friends is to take the hassle out of sending snail mail and help restore the nostalgia and prestige of the United States Postal Service, which has struggled with the rise of computers and the internet. Going to the store, purchasing an envelope, going to another store and purchasing a stamp, making sure you have ink in your cartridge and your printer is seems like such a barbarick way to reach out to someone! The question we at Notes To Friends ask ourselves everyday is why does this platform need to be so difficult? How can we innovate and make a cost and time efficient way to write letters to our loved ones? With a simple, and always improving process, we have effectively helped to solve this problem. Our process allows netwrokers to follow up, family member to stay in touch, and friends to keep up with each others lives.

Go ahead, give it a shot!

Have any suggestions, comments, or concerns?  Contact us at  We are still a new site, so we need your help!