Blog Post #1 January 11, 2011 Nick

Hi this is Nick with Notes To Friends.  Let me first say that we are really happy that you decided to check out our site.  We hope that you like the way it looks and functions, but if you ever run in to any problems you can always send an email to, and someone will get back to you quickly.

We started Notes To Friends because we wanted to make sending mail easier, and also because we know that people like receiving personal mail.  I remember when I was a young kid and I would run out to the mailbox everyday to look to see if, just maybe, I’d gotten mail.  On the rare occasions that I did get mail I was ecstatic - even if it was just a card telling me I was due for a dental exam.  As I got older, I started receiving more mail but my excitement towards receiving the mail kept going down.  Instead of personal notes from my relatives or friends, it was just junk mail and bills.  I want to get that excitement back!

In short, that’s why we started Notes To Friends.  We want to people to start being excited about mail again!  But in order to do that, sending mail has to become easier.  I send maybe one piece of mail every three months, and it is always a horrible experience.  I have to go to the post office and buy a letter and stamps, because I’m always out, and then hand write the envelope and put it in the mail.  It always ends up taking me thirty minutes or more waiting in line, and it always leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.  What if I could do that in two minutes from my desk?  Well now we can.

Anyone can send an email, a tweet, a message, or a poke with the click of a mouse.  Now you can send mail.