- Considering the cost of postage, paper, and ink, as well as the the time it would take you to drive to the post office, this is actually a very appealing price tag.
Lockergnome - How to send a Letter Without Going To The Post Office Using NotesToFriends

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 - ...Notes To Friends is here, you'll never risk catching a pneumonia just to send a letter to a friend again.
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 - seems like a small, friendly startup, and I am happy with their service and hope maybe this post can help them out a bit as well. It must be cool for them to also deliver these nice letters to friends and family around the world. It made my day, and my parents too I imagine. rock on!
Michael Michelini - Letter to Mom and Dad

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 - Notes To Friends is a website that intends to keep the concept of letters alive in a different way.
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 -The feeling of awaiting at my letterbox and reading the physical letter is just simply irreplaceable.
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