Notes To Friends Privacy Policy

Notes To Friends is committed to protecting our customers information.  We also wanted to be as upfront and honest as possible so all you need to worry about is: who do I mail next?
  1. Privacy
    1. The letter you send is between you and the recipient.  Notes To Friends will never use the recipient or mailer address in an attempt to contact them
    2. Notes To Friends realizes and respects that your mail is private.  Your letters are confidential.  Notes To Friends will never allow the letters to become public.  Notes To Friends has a very programmed and standardized method of printing the letters, putting them in the envelopes, attaching the right postage, and mailing the letters.  At no point during this process would your information become compromised.
    3. Notes To Friends will cooperate with any criminal investigation, and reserves the right to pass the content to the proper lawful authorities in regards to any investigation
    4. Notes To Friends may randomly send surveys to a small percentage of our users in an effort to improve our service.  Participation in the survey has no impact on the service you receive
  2. Information
    1. As a part of our service Notes To Friends is required to save address information on our servers.  However, we will only use this information to print and mail your letter.  We will also periodically clear our servers of the content.  Notes To Friends will never share this information with any 3rd party unless required by law
    2. Upon sending payment Notes To Friends will be advised of your email address from Paypal.  However we will never contact you through your email unless you decide to provide that information to us after sending your letter.  We respect your privacy
    3. We allow analytics companies to use tracking technologies to collect information about our users' computers or mobile devices and their online activities. These companies analyze this information to help us understand how our sites and apps are being used.
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